Gosia Potoczna

Personal Branding / Client Acquisition / Sales Funnels

Gosia Potoczna Gosia Potoczna Gosia Potoczna

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Gosia Potoczna helps consultants, coaches, and experts to stand out in the crowded market while speaking their own voice, so that they can consistently attract the right clients and build a business they are proud of. She works with passion-driven coaches, experts & practitioners to create steady streams of income by building a strong personal brand and implementing a heartful sales process, while staying true to themselves and their core values.

After getting pregnant at the age of 37, she reinvented her life from scratch & sold her digital marketing agency. Coping with a massive burnout, she knew it was time to find her true life’s purpose & spend more time with her family. Inspired by her son, she also launched an award-winning kidswear brand, Loff Loff organic.

A true ENFP personality, today she shares 16+ years of her digital marketing experience working with Fortune 500 companies and top national brands. She believes that women are the most powerful and gentle force able to positively transform our lives. Empowered with self-confidence and heart-centered business skills, they are able to move mountains and impact the world in a way they dream about. This is why, equipped with Enthusiasm, Guidance & Focus (her own personal brand attitudes) she embarked herself on this passionate journey to help female entrepreneurs create a better life, a better business – and A BETTER WORLD.

Gosia lives in Poland with her husband and two sons. An internet nerd, she loves the opportunities & freedom that the online world is bringing to us.



  • (Im)Perfect Personal Brand – why having flaws helps grow your business
  • Know-Like-Trust factor – do you know why people buy from you?
  • Unlock Your SuperPower – How to define your powerful personal brand in just 1 day (+ workbook)
  • Find Your Profitable Niche (for coaches) in 1 hour or less (+ workbook)
  • Basic mistakes of emerging coaches that slow down your growth & revenue
  • Counterintuitive tips to get booked with your ideal clients (for coaches & experts)
  • The only 5 things you need to create a powerful personal brand
  • How a permission to express yourself boldly can empower you to take action and crush your goals (real life examples)


  • The Simplest Sales Funnel that Makes You Stand Out – How to use a power of follow-up to create clients + follow-up tracking template
  • Feminine Power of Conversation – How to use your soft skills to close sales without selling + discovery call script
  • How to enjoy your sales process while staying true to your core values
  • From Misery to Miracle – How to create your high-ticket coaching package (even if you’re scared to death to demand higher prices) + package blueprint

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  • How to create your valuable coaching offer in just 1 day
  • 5 counterintuitive tips to get booked with your ideal clients
  • Heart-centered sales page template for coaches