Hello Daniel, Alicia & Daniel!

Looking for a branding specialist to help you develop a style guide for all of the new content you’ll be creating?

We might be your gals.

Gretchen & Gosia here.
We are so amazed with the opportunity to work on your style guide for your new content!
(and curious what’s the great new stuff that you’re cooking… a new course, music or Daniel’s book?)

Why would you want to choose us?

Let’s create more heroes!

  • We help those who are on a mission to make this world a better place.
  • We’re on our own entrepreneurial journey and can relate a lot with your audience. We’re 20 at heart. Our clients are your audience, too!
  • Gosia helps coaches & consultants unlock their superpowers, get the confidence in the best ways they can help others… and how to leverage their quirks & uniqueness to be memorable. No cookie-cutter strategies or “I’ve seen it before” feelings. Yes, I’m a brand strategist.
  • Gretchen translates brand personality & vision into a powerful visual message that’s remembered and consistent. Yes, she’s THE designer.
  • We believe in action taking, getting things done and not perfecting over the details (well, when it’s not neccessary!). We’re both recovered from perfectionism (thanks guys & gal!)
  • We believe that hustle should also be fun!

And why else?

  • Blazing fast. If you’re ready to go and know what you want, you can have your stuff in a matter of days!
    We’ve just set up this page today morning :).
  • High touch, high service. Our goal is not to be the biggest or busiest agency in the world. Instead, we pick and choose the clients that we can help best. That means, we provide very personalized, dedicated and responsive service. You directly communicate with us, not via a receptionist or service desk, whenever you need it. Never have to wait days for a response. It’s like hiring an in-house brand strategist, designer, techie, and marketing exec at a fraction of the cost.
  • No hourly billing. Don’t waste time or worry about how much ‘something is going to cost.’ Our costs are known upfront so you know exactly what your financial investment will be. We also believe that time-based pricing is not in line with our and your best interests. Why should you have to pay more for something that takes longer?
  • All-inclusive with expanded skillset tailored for SMEs. Unless otherwise stated (such as FB Ad spend), all costs are included: we take care of branding & design so that you can focus on your business strategy.
  • Passionate. A brand tells a story – your story. We’re passionate about design and bringing your story to the world.
  • Vast experience. Because of our experience in a variety of industries, we know what works best for you on each stage of your business.

PS. Plus, I’ve been taking my 4yo son for hip hop dance lessons and he just loves to freestyle! 😀

Let’s turn up the volume!

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  • Gosia
  • Gretchen

Why would we LOVE to work with you?

  • Your vision! You’ve got a great vision to help others ditch their average job, build an epic business and to move beyond their boundaries and get the sh*t done! HELL YEAH!
  • The way you are! You’re a kick-ass team, you move fast and you apparently have lots of fun while doing this!

Our experience?

We’ve been helping people like Dan Henry, Nat Tucker – Make It Look Easy (work in progress – currently rebranding) or your very own famous followers like Ian Luebbers & Tor Magne Refsland (Time Management Chief).


  • designer with 10 years experience delivering outstanding work and customer service for multinationals including Fortune 500 and ASX 200-listed companies
  • visit her portfolio here:
  • maybe you can recognize this guy & the logo of his flagship course made by Gretchen:


  • brand strategist & digital marketing expert with 16+years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies & top national brands.
  • entrepreneur, freelancer & coach working with SMEs
  • running her own digital marketing agency (20+ ppl on the team and top rated clients) until she decided to completely transform her life & start helping people who are for it not just for the money, but really are changing the world for better.
  • student mentor in Selena Soo‘s Get Known Get Clients program

We’ve put together a short document so that you can learn more about us:


We’re looking forward to hear back from you & learn more about how we can help!
Let us know more about the project…

and let’s go create more heroes!

xx Gretchen & Gosia