When you are starting as a coach, healer, consultant or specialist…
does thinking that you could go from $0 to charging $300 or more per hour
seem like…  daydreaming?

Gosia Potoczna
You’ve probably read those stories: How one man left his corporate job and made over $100,000 in first year of his coaching business.

I’ve read so many of them that I could be a Business Insider contributor.
And I used to have that love-hate relationship with them.
I loved the stories (still do). So inspiring!

But damn, it always felt like there’s something missing…

They went from point A to point B after having some ‘aha’ moment…
But still, the story always left me wondering: how EXACTLY did they do this?
How did they ‘add value’? Sold out that first workshop? Booked that speaking event? Crushed it on Instagram?

Do you feel the same?
Do you feel inspired… and discouraged + frustrated at the same time?

Because you think:

It would be so great, but…

  • You don’t have tons of experience.
  • You’re not living in NYC.
  • You weren’t published in HuffPost (nor Forbes, nor Oprah Magazine nor mindbodygreen…)
  • You didn’t make friends with Tony Robbins.
  • Geez, you can’t even imagine running a mastermind with a $24K price tag!

And there’s still that 9 to 5 day job as well.

You don’t even know where to start.

Or rather…  you’ve started, but it gets so overwhelming.

Your to-do list is always growing, you’re trying to juggle between your business and the family life…
You get yourself so busy with social media, networking efforts, attending webinars, writing blog posts…

So you hustle and hustle (‘cos the hustle is real, right?)

Yet it gets even harder each day, as you work your butt off… not seeing the results you’ve expected… you begin to doubt in yourself.

  • Who am I to think I could charge $100… $200… $500 or more per hour?
  • … or was it rather: $500… $200… $50 per hour?

At the end of the day, how do you feel?
Running in circles? … Confused and stretched thin?

So maybe you just procrastinate… again…
Or maybe you think you should ‘try harder’.

Then — hoorray!! — you get some clients!
…just to discover that now you secretly fancy at the thought of strangling THAT client, the one who always eats up all your energy and complains.

But you feel TRAPPED – you cannot fire her, you NEED that money…

This wasn’t what you wanted when you’d started this coaching business, was it?

You wanted to help people live better lives.
You wanted satisfaction that comes from a job well done and well paid.
You wanted freedom of choices.

You can have it.
It doesn’t have to be the way it is today and YOU have the power to change it.

Gosia Potoczna

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You might me making – often unconsciously – some mistakes that prevent you from working with your ideal clients and having them happily pay your premium prices.

In this guide, I will break them down for you and show what you can do to avoid those pitfalls.

I have extracted this based on 16 years of experience in branding & digital marketing industry and work with my clients.

Sound good? Then let’s dive in!

Trading Time for Money

Are you trading time for money?


When you speak in terms of how many hours will you spend with your client and how much will that cost, you easily fall in the trap of being a COMMODITY.

You’re no longer perceived as a person with unique skills and an exquisite service.

You’re easily comparable with others.

So your prospect focuses on comparing prices… and who he usually picks?


How to Attract Clients

Create your offerings as packages.

Focus on results your clients can get from working with you.

  • What’s the one biggest thing they really want to achieve?

I bet it’s not something they can achieve during just one session, except from a short-term relief — isn’t it?

  1. So offer your clients RESULTS.
  2. Offer them long-term cooperation to GET those results.
  3. Price your packages based on the perceived VALUE of the result (or cost of not making a change). 

And now, if you’re, let’s say – a life coach, a relationship coach… you might be thinking:
I’m not helping others grow their business, so how could I charge a lot for my services?
Please consider:

  • What’s the value of not getting divorced?
  • How valuable is to get a better job?
  • What could your clients achieve in life if they felt energized and happy?
  • Or even just if they could sleep better?

Let them see your offerings as a valuable INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY, not a cost.

For me, creating packages was a game changer.
It helped me move from $50 per hour to over $300 per hour.
I’m now working on a new program that will allow me leverage that even more.


This approach will also help you overcome your own doubts:

  • Is my work really worth that money?
  • Who am I to think I could charge more than the others?

You will begin to understand the real value of your services.
You help your clients solve a problem that has a huge negative impact on their life.

Desperate to work with every client

Are you so desperate that you chase everyone who might want to work with you?


Have you noticed that red velvet rope at the Oskars night or some other VIP event?

They open it only for celebs. Nobody else can enter.

This is exactly what you want to do.

You want only your own celebs to enter.


Because if you don’t do this, you will end up overwhelmed, frustrated and not doing your best work.

Why would you sabotage your own efforts?

Why would you waste your time and energy working with THAT client, you know which one – you always hope that she will cancel the meeting, and doing work for her always releases that downward spiral of guilt and Errrm, I’m sure I’ll do that tomorrow.

And what goals can you — and your clients — achieve when you work with people who apply your advice, who are focused on looking for SOLUTIONS and not EXCUSES?

How much satisfaction would that bring you?
Not to mention, you would have awesome results to showcase your next clients and charge more, right?


How To Attract Clients

1. Paint a vivid picture of your dream client.

  • What’s she like?
  • Why would you love working with her?
  • Does she happily pay you?
  • What’s about her that you would be inspired to always do your best work?

It’s not that much about niching down.
It’s about the qualities of the person.
It’s about how you two can relate to each other.

  • What’s the result she wants and you can deliver?


2. Now screen everyone that’s interested in your work.

  • Do they fit?

If you’re just starting out and have a side job, that’s a great place to be.

You don’t have to be despaired and get every client.

You just want to have your ideal clients.

And use your discovery calls and market research wisely to get a better understanding of who that person is.


If you feel despaired… after getting a few bad clients you will know whom to avoid :).

Going for the standard

No idea how to stand out?


Do you think that doing a business includes behaving or acting in a ‘proper’ way, the way you’re expected in your industry?

One of my clients thought so. He is a business coach, so he felt he was expected to be ‘professional’. White collar, being polite, and antiseptic, let-just-talk-business approach. But he felt so uncomfortable in his business suit. He didn’t feel like taking action… Deep inside, he was blocked by a vision of this professional business coach.

He hated it!

So we explored his personality and came up with his very own three words:


And that ignited him! He got the courage and permission to express himself and his very true nature.

  • He suddenly felt so confident reaching out to his market.
  • He made a photo session that showed his energy and enthusiasm.
  • His videos became infectious with a deep sense of purpose and fullfillment.
  • His Facebook community exploded.
  • He launched his first online course and TRIPLED his sales goals.

And it all started with the courage to be AUTHENTIC.


How To Attract Clients

1. DARE and explore yourself deeply. What’s so unique about you?

  • Any quirks? 😉 (WE LOVE QUIRKS!)
  • What others say about you – your friends, peers, family – what do they compliment you for?
  • What are your values?
  • What ignites you?
  • I mean, *really* ignites you?

2. Make a list of 20-40 words.

3. Divide them into similar categories, eg. innovative & creative fall in the same category.

4. Then cut until only 3 categories are left: those you feel that express you the best.

Take a thesaurus and find the words that are the most inspiring, earth-shattering expression of those categories.

5. Now examine: How do you feel about them?

Proud and inspired? Do you feel it’s unique for you… or could they describe any other person in your industry?
If it’s the second answer, rinse and repeat :).

Your 3 words will became the lens through which you can evaluate all your actions, messaging and content. They will answer the question: is it *me* or somebody else? Is this logo good for me? Is this speaking event good for me?

They will be your ultimate decision-maker.

Do you offer help with everything

Can’t decide what you should offer… so you offer everything?


Do you feel that there are so many ways you could help people with, that you can never decide which one you should talk about… so you talk about them all?
Or maybe you’re looking at your competitors or industry experts… and you’re compiling, adding, tweaking your offer until it suddenly has 20+ various options?

If so, you’re in the OMNISCIENCE TRAP.

Sometimes we think that by adding more options we make our offerings more appealing.

But tell me, if you’re having a skin problem, which doctor would you choose:

  • someone who’s specializing in: hormonal problems, digestive disorders, skin problems and food allergies
  • or the skin problems specialist?

See how it works?

It’s the same with your offering.

Plus, we’re not able to memorize or effectively choose between more than just a few options. 2-3 are usually the number we are able to compare comfortably. Research shows that the more options, the less decisions… and people go away without buying anything.



How To Attract Clients

In your messaging, focus on your CORE skill and the ONE biggest results you help your clients achieve. Craft a positioning statement with 3 elements:

  • who you help
  • how you help
  • what you help them get (or avoid).

And don’t be afraid of putting some people away.
You cannot serve everybody (even if you feel you could help all those people).

No credibility problem

How do you show your expertise?


Despite what intuition might be telling us, it’s very easy to build credibility.

You don’t need to be published in HuffPost or Forbes or have $100k income clients.

Sure, this helps!

But all you really need is courage + to be a few steps ahead of your clients.

Yet, especially when you’re starting out, you don’t feel credible at all… so you avoid the topic and then:

Ouch! You have no idea what to say when prospects asks about it.

Or you use testimonials from your clients that make your results seem vague…

  • It’s been great working with Jane. I admire her!
  • Session with John helped me solve my problems. Thank you.

Do you feel convinced?

Errm… no? 😉

But people WANT to believe you.
Remember, they are in deep need of changing their life… and you can truly help them.


How To Attract Clients

Here’s what you can do:

  • Use testimonials from your clients that will provide SPECIFIC RESULTS.
  • Use your own story and example to prove the results.
  • Use scientific data to prove that your method works.
  • Create associations with people well known in your industry, eg. by using their quotes on your website.
  • If you’re a member of an organization or association, show it!
  • Do some charity work for organizations/people well known in your industry and get testimonials from them.
  • Write that guest blog post, get published and show it off! ;).

One of my clients was published in HuffPost without having a proper website or offering. She made them later and used the HuffPost logo to increase her credibility.

The possibilities are endless…. as soon as you start thinking about them.

Speaking to the anonymous crowd

Problems with engaging your audience?


Would you think I would offend you by saying that you don’t know about niching down?

(I hope not!)

So you know you need a niche. You have a very specific target audience.
But still you might be talking to everybody.


Because you’ve never imagined your target audience as a single person:

You’re thinking about “them” – but what do you really know about them?
When you’re writing your copy, who do you see in front of you?
A crowd of people?
Or just one person?

That’s when the real power of niching down manifests.

You begin to speak to a very specific person.

You know that person so deeply: you can say what books she loves, where she hangs out, what kind of coffee she likes… or whether she wears pyjamas at night (if you’re a love coach, of course!).

You can address her urgent needs and compelling desires by putting them in context of HER LIFE.

Now recall the beginning of that post.

How did you feel when I described the hustle and struggle?
I haven’t just wrote: it’s not easy to start a business.

— Oh really, not easy?


Instead, I have painted a vivid picture.
Could you see yourself there?

This is how it works.


How To Attract Clients

Create your ideal client profile (aka customer avatar).
Describe that person in detail.

Cover the demographics (measurable, objective characteristics) as well as psychographics.

  • What’s their age, gender, maritial status, job, education, location, hobby, favourite treats, lifestyle, do they have kids? How do they spend their day?

And the juicy part:

  • What do they value?
  • What are their goals?
  • What are their sources of inspiration and information?
  • What are their pains and struggles?
  • Their urgent needs and compelling desires?
  • What are their objections to your solution?
  • What’s their place in decision making process?

You can further segment your target audience by creating more specific customer avatars for each sub-audience.

How to Attract Clients


Did you find yourself caught in some of the pitfalls? If so, my hope is that this guide will help you get out of them and start working with your best clients while making the money you deserve. 

Which of those tips did you find most useful or inspiring? What would you change in your business?
Do you have questions that I could answer and help you with? 

Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear back from you!
xx Gosia

Gosia Potoczna

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if you’re a coach or an expert – YOU are your brand.
All that you do, the way you speak, your copy, photos, your coaching agreement, even the way you dress, it all creates an image.

Stop for a while now and think about it:
How are you perceived by others?
What do they say about you… when you’re not in the room?

Your personal brand is the very UNIQUE way that you do YOUR business.
In fact, it’s the foundation for everything you do.

It’s what makes you CONFIDENT.
It’s what makes you TAKE ACTION.
It’s what makes people come to you and ASK about working with you… with no excuses.
It’s what makes the difference between a sales call and an enrollment conversation.

without a clear understanding of WHO you are in your business… and WHO you want to work with, you could be as easily just burning money in a fireplace.
The money you’re now leaving on the table.

Do you want to keep it that way?

Let me guess… you don’t.

You want to be deliberate and strategic.
You want to know exactly WHAT you are doing, WHY and for WHOM.
This is how you create a brand that attracts your dream clients and inspires them to happily pay for your work.

I help coaches & experts accelerate their business by working with their dream clients only.

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She believes that no ‘secret’ knowledge should be kept behind the corporate world doors. This is why she is on a mission to share her vast knowledge and help others to create a better life, a better business – and A BETTER WORLD.

Having strong belief that mentoring is the key to success, she has invested in her own development, including top programs like Selena Soo’s Get Known Get Clients + Impacting Milions, Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch, Neil Patel’sAdvanced Marketing Program, Harvard Business/Icann Management 2009, and other programs regarding effective sales funnels, social media marketing + content creation.

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