Erica Gellerman, Business Strategist

testimonial photo erica gellerman

— Erica Gellerman, Business Strategist,

I was a bit of a skeptic before we got on the phone. I didn’t think it was possible for someone else to help me define my personal brand. I felt like they would make me sound generic and just like anyone else.

Well, Gosia proved me wrong.

She came with really structured exercises to walk through and was patient as I slowly worked through each one. She had a knack for asking the right questions, pulling the right information out of me, and having me focus on the right words. It used to take me half a page to try and explain what I do – and it still wasn’t clear!

After just one session with Gosia I was able to say it in a concise and differentiated way and she showed me how I should use this messaging on my site to make it incredibly clear who I’m talking to.

I’m a total convert – Gosia is incredibly talented and knows how to help you clearly define your brand. A game changer!

[July 2016]

testimonial photo joel capperella

— Joel Capperella, SaaS marketing expert

I have had the good fortune of working with plenty of branding professionals over the course of my career and I can tell you with out any hesitation at all that Gosia is extremely awesome at it.

Her process is very clearly defined, her mastery over the nuance of language is impeccable, her ability to listen and then consolidate what she has heard into the right idea, notion and phrase is invaluable.

She is good at it. Very good. I want to encourage you to spend time with her.

Not only will it get you even more comfortable with your pitch, your value into your marketplace, your story and how you communicate it, but also how you reflect the very personality of your brand in everything that you do.

I cannot wait to refer her into those of my clients that might need her help!

[May 2016]

Pearl Brunt

— Pearl C. Brunt, Ladybirds and Books Ltd

People often misunderstand the function and value of a high caliber marketing professional. It’s not just about figuring out the best way to sell your product, but really understanding your product/service and your target audience. Gosia is the real deal. As a start-up company, Gosia helped me understand and refine what my services are and also really identify my target audience and then further refine my services to match what they wanted.

I’m so glad that I went with Gosia rather than some of the other proposals that promised fast results. This has been a process that has lasted several weeks, but every week there has been significant progress. In fact, my original idea has really evolved and it’s exciting. With all of the research that has gone into understanding the problem my services will solve, the market, the clients and in fact my own desired outcomes, I have a very viable new business and scalable service.

Erin Tarr portrait

— Erin Tarr, Confidence Coach for Girls & Young Women
Be The Benchmark

Gosia has another AMAZED individual to add to her long line-up!!! Everything [Joel Capperella] said is ON THE MONEY!

I feel so much more confident about how to communicate my message to my potential clients after our session. She has a very clearly defined system that she walks you through, and she is so humble, thoughtful, and encouraging as you really work together to dissect your offer/brand/customer/personality, etc!!!

[May 2016]

Joel Bocchino portrait

— Joe’l Bocchino, CEO of Synergistic Systems for Integrative Healthcare

Gosia is a tremendous asset for any brand development project!

She synthesized the complexities of my larger business framework, distilled a targeted message & held me accountable to warmer, patient friendly language.

I will be hiring Gosia to soften my strengths and align my brand across my business continuum!

[April 2016]

gregg sugerman portrait

— Gregg Sugerman, a transformational success coach

THANK YOU so much for our session last week. You really took the time to dig deep and get a clear understanding of what I do and want to achieve.

After our work together, I really feel like I have a much clearer idea of how I want to be perceived in my market while I continue to work on my business.

I still have work to do, but I am in a way better place with this because of our talk.

I really appreciate it!!!!

[April 2016]

– Gosia is a very creative individual. Thinking out-of-the-box and exceeding expectations. She focuses on taking action and ROI – that’s why I love to work with her!
L. Kuleta, Ferratum Bank, 2015