Let's change this world for better

It took me kinda 41 years and lots of fog in the meantime to discover my mission:

Ladies, let’s change this world for better!

I want to see YOU SHINE with confidence and build a WEALTHY business so that YOU CAN CHANGE more lives for BETTER.

But I didn’t always know this.
For most of my life, I was lost.

And when I got pregnant at age of 37, I said to myself:
I literally turned on my feet, walked out of my office and never came back.

See, at that time I was running a digital marketing agency. We had a team of 20+ talented designers, project managers and developers. We worked with Fortune 500 companies like Santander, T-Mobile and Deutsche Bank. We had amazing clients, top national brands. I was good at closing the deals. We were earning pretty good money!

But I knew I had enough.

I was at burnout. Waking up in the morning and making myself go to the office was like a daily torture. It wasn’t a place I wanted to be.
I was constantly working 10-12 hours a day, often at weekends. Wasting my life, procrastinating ‘cos I didn’t wanted to do the work (crazy, wasn’t it?).
I was stressed and overwhelmed, always arguing with my biz partner about the future of the company and his leadership style. He’s a good, honest man. But he was always so cautious and concerned. And why he never wanted to get more publicity for us?
I felt I was the only one that kept that biz up & running.
And I couldn’t do this anymore.
Then I realized this: And I DIDN’T HAVE TO.

So I quit.
I sold the agency to my biz partner.
I did literally NOTHING during the rest of my pregnancy.
I had no idea what was I going to do with my life.
So I enjoyed my slow lifestyle, cherished all the moments I could spend with my newborn son, baking home bread, re-joining with my husband and all that stuff…
But, you know, after about a year, I felt something was missing.
I couldn’t spend the rest of my life like that!

I started a kidswear brand (guess why, lol). It was a great adventure, I learned lots of new things and deeply enjoyed designing. I got awards for it. Yay!
But I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted something more meaningful.
I started doing some freelancing gigs, as I missed that my core skills are not being used.

And then it STRUCK ME.
WHY did I spend so many years, running my digital agency with a biz partner who was getting more & more toxic to me? We made good friends and trusted each other… which is gold! But it wasn’t working for me as we had totally different views on how to run an agency.

So WHY did I stay there for so long?

It was devastating when I realized this.
I always considered myself confident, great at decision making…I started this biz even though my parents didn’t believe in me and I MADE it successful.
And there I was, NOT believing in myself for so long.

I finally understood my calling.
There are so many women out there, who literally change people’s lives for better. Working with people’s mindset, limiting beliefs & scripts, improving their lifestyle patterns, health & eating habits… healers, life coaches, spiritual coaches, relationship coaches…freeing people from fear & pain, (re)connecting them with themselves & their soulpartners bringing a massive change to the quality of our lives. Change makers, transformation leaders, life changers.
Women that are AMAZING at what they do…
… but kinda suck at the business side of things.

And here’s where I can help!
15+ years of experience as a brand strategist & digital marketing expert – at your service.
Everything that I learned while being mentored & coached by top influencers like Neil Patel, Ramit Sethi or Selena Soo – granted.

Let’s stop hiding.
Let’s walk our talk.
Confidently and with pride.
Own our superpowers.
Get noticed.
Build a wealthy business.
Enjoy our families… and serve our true callings.

Let’s change this world for better!

Personal Brand Strategist

With over 16 years of experience in digital marketing industry, Gosia Potoczna empowers passion-driven coaches, experts & practitioners with an EPIC Brand to accelerate their business and inspire the world around them.

She believes that no ‘secret’ knowledge should be kept behind the corporate world doors. This is why, equipped with Enthusiasm, Guidance & Customer Focus — her own 3D Personal Brand attitudes —  she is on a mission to share her vast knowledge and help others to create a better life, a better business – and A BETTER WORLD.

The member of a first Polish team to win a Gold Cyber Lion at Cannes Lions 2004, she founded a digital marketing agency a year later. Her team of 20 employees worked with world known brands like Deutsche Bank, T-mobile, and top Polish brands in a variety of industries like finances, FMCG, e-commerce or home appliances.

Motherhood has deeply transformed her and introduced to the slow life movement. In 2012 she sold the agency to spend more time with her husband and a newborn son. A passionate ENFP personality, today she is an expert encouraging others to fully develop their true potential, with her own award-winning kidswear brand Loff Loff organic as a sandbox.

Having strong belief that mentoring is the key to success, she has invested in her own development, including top programs like Selena Soo’s Get Known Get Clients + Impacting Milions, Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch, Neil Patel’sAdvanced Marketing Program, Harvard Business/Icann Management 2009, and other programs regarding effective sales funnels, social media marketing + content creation.

Today, she is deeply honoured to work with Selena Soo as one of the GKGC student mentors.


Take advantage from over 15 years of experience
with Fortune 500 companies and national top brands